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Welcome !!!

I am a 32-year-old Civil Engineer and I have many passions. I live in the Province of Venice and I am carrying out various informatic and informative projects including this blog. I live in Italy and have always wanted to give my contribution to society and maybe be able to make myself known locally and who knows … maybe in the world? 🙂 why not …

The purpose of this site is to organize in a meticulous way the topics of my interest through the subdivision of various topics in categories ranging from DIY, to hiking in the mountains, to travel and current news, through videos of youtube up to the cultural aspects of mathematical sciences and much more …

The creation of this site is a development of my idea that I had in the past realized through the use of another type of website creation tool that proved to be less versatile than wordpress. With this version I want to make my blog more dynamic and more functional.

My goal, as for the realization of the previous site, is to select what I find most interesting on the Internet or in my study topics and share it with you, who knows that it can not be useful …

I’m trying to schematize articles in an easy and intuitive way so as to make navigation easier and find what you are interested in more quickly.
The site is constantly evolving and from time to time I update the categories adding more and more articles and pages … Note that the updates are made during free time, so it may be that the site does not update so frequently.

If you want to leave a comment to suggest anything you can do in the appropriate form of comments at the bottom of the articles page or contact me directly from the page “contact me”.
Thank you for your visit!!!
I hope to see you again soon on my site !!!!

Eros Vianello

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