Sometimes you may receive a series of telephone calls made with the unknown number. Often, those who hide behind the unknown number have no transparent intentions with the recipient of the call.

They can hide behind an unknown number of companies with persistent advertisements or people who want to play pranks, or in the most serious cases, even stalkers.

When you receive a call from an unknown number, you find yourself quite powerless about the choices to be made. Either you don’t answer and you put down hoping you don’t call back anymore, or you answer to understand who you are hoping is nothing strange or negative.

What to do when calls start to become a problem? First of all we need to assess the situation well and try not to panic.

The solutions to protect yourself exist and can be divided into these types of choices:

Block the arrival of unknown incoming calls by eliminating the source of the nuisance or problem, (explained below)

Being able to know the unknown number of callers in private so as to trace their identity.

Sometimes simply not responding to calls can decrease the interest in the persecutor, but the problem of calls that cannot be blocked remains.

Well, there are apps or phone manager options that allow you to block calls before the phone rings and then you are no longer bothered.

App to block unknown numbers

In this article I wanted to present the Android app “should I answer” that allows you to block incoming calls from anonymous or private numbers as well as filtering spam calls from sales companies and more. Below is the link to the app website: Should I reply? while below there is the link of the new app I should reply new app

The previous app with the symbol works, but I personally downloaded the new app with the logo that is easier to set up on your phone and seems to react better.

In order to make the app work you need to make the application predefined in order to let the software handle incoming and outgoing calls. Depending on the various mobile phone models and Android versions, to make the application the default, you need to go to the mobile settings, go to the App tab and then to predefined apps.

At this point the app can correctly handle incoming and outgoing calls.

To block the reception of calls from private or unknown numbers, you need to move the hidden number switch as shown in the following figure

In this way, by activating the switch in the “Block the call in ARRIVAL when the number is” hidden number, the user of this trick is prevented from being able to call us without displaying his number. Then setting in the “how to block calls” section and setting not to allow the call as an option, you are not even disturbed.

Block calls from unknown numbers with Iliad manager

A quicker way to block calls from unknown numbers for those with the Iliad telephone company is to enter their personal area in the Iliad official website and in the left-hand tab “my services” you need to activate the Block hidden numbers entry And that’s it.